I actually thought repeatedly about the homemade coca bread with chorizos, I had when I was here with Mum, which made me very determined about a return visit.
Was very glad that the other seafood tapas I’d introduce the rest of the family to for the first time were great Spanish tapas in our metropolitan little red dot.
First was this bulbous stuffed squid that was well handled with some salivating chorizo bechamel; an absolute flavour party on the palate.
The classic grilled octopus tapas was another well handled seafood with a generous large dash of white bean purée which I’d classify as for the acquired taste. While the eggplant “toast” was outshone by the other tapas, they were comfortingly oily; think straightforward thin slices of the purple fruit with savoury cheese melted atop.
Another score with Burpplebeyond.