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Long Black ($4.80)
- Honestly, quite shocked that the coffee costs so much but felt that it was really strong and aromatic, hence perhaps worth paying slightly more
Taste: 9/10

Avocado Tart ($8.80)
- Sweet meringue dusted with matcha and cocoa powder, a layer of creamy avocado a thin layer of sponge followed by the tart base (Also contained 1 cashew nut which I only discovered when eating the second half of the tart)
- Very refreshing and strong avocado flavour
- Avocado was creamy and subtly sweet, ensuring that it was not too cloying
- Cocoa powder at the top helped to provide another dimension to the tart; bitterness contrasted the sweetness of the meringue and avocado
- The shell of the tart was firm and thin, holding the numerous components well
(Did not need a knife to cut into it)
Overall, the tart was absolutely divine with all the components complementing one another harmoniously. 
Taste: 10/10

Spoke to the owner of the shop afterwards. They only make this tart on the weekends to ensure that all of it gets consumed as avocados have a very short shelf life, truly worth it for the fresh ingredients used!

Cinnamon Bun ($3.50)
- Dense piece of pastry with strong notes of cinnamon
- May become cloyingly sweet if eaten all at one go. Otherwise, a good pastry to pair with the coffee
Taste: 8.5/10

Scone ($2.90)
- Moist, soft, dense and buttery with hints of sweetness from the dried fruits and the dough itself
- Hard and firm on the outside, moist on the inside
Overall, a really good buttery scone
Taste: 8.5/10

Decided against rating the prices here as it will really depend on what you are comparing with (Other cafes in the area/ in SG/ restaurants/ hawker stalls that sell such goods etc.). But would I come here again? Yes, definitely. The avocado tart has proven that ALL their tarts here deserve a try and apart from the coffee, and perhaps the cinnamon bun, I feel that the tart and the scone was quite well-priced for the quality offered.

Note: Butter costs an additional $0.30 here :/

See more at: https://www.instagram.com/p/BzSN34bgIR_/?igshid=18kjh98e6mzij