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Birthday treat from a good pal of mine. ❤️

Basically Japanese claypot rice. Sun with Moon's version ($22.80) has sweet soy sauce chicken thigh and salmon with flavored rice (made with mushroom, chestnut, lotus root, konjac and shredded egg) served with a side of nori and ikura. Sprinkled with red ginger which gave a refreshing tang. Also served with miso soup and sides (my favorite being the nanbanzuke, which is deep fried salmon with vinegar). They have a cute hourglass which you flip and after the sand pours through you can open the kamameshi, mix it up and eat it.

The protein is perfectly cooked. The salmon chunk was a bit thin though, I prefer huge meaty chunks of salmon. The chicken thigh was exactly that though and really tender. The portion seems kinda small but it was actually really filling with all the side dishes and the perfect ratio of rice to protein. And the rice is so good; perfectly cooked, like a more delicate, less oily version of claypot rice. All the toppings forming a delightful medley of flavors.

All in all, pretty good! Would love to come back and try their other dishes.