Located in the basement of Chevron House, Omnivore is an exceptionally affordable version for protein-rich salads. Each box comes with one carb, three toppings and one dressing with your choice of protein ($9.90 for one protein, $12.90 for two, $15.90 for three). Portions here run big, prices are reasonable and the quality is consistently good, which makes it the much-talked-about salad place amongst the fitspos. It'll be easy to convince your buddies to grab a salad with you for lunch, especially when there's the good-looking crispy skin Salmon (add $2), wobbly sous vide egg, sweet potato and the refreshing aloe vera topping! Drizzle some honey soy before digging in and wash it all down with a pint of their homemade Cold Brew Black Coffee ($5.50)! That is one fantastic way to eat clean.