First and foremost - the scoops here are huuuuuuge. I could hardly finish one myself! As for the taste... it was quite mediocre for these flavours, but I’d give them another chance and probably try their best-sellers and signature flavours next time. Texture was good though.

The Milkshake Vanilla was really sweet and didn’t really taste like a vanilla milkshake unfortunately. But it was so soft and fluffy! The texture was very interesting.
The salted burnt caramel taste was quite subtle. It tasted like plain cream mostly, with a light salted caramel tinge.

Overall - average, okay if you’re nearby and just want ice cream. The price, along with the Beyond 1-for-1 deal, is great for the amount of ice cream you get. I wouldn’t travel here specially to try it. Probably a mis-pick on my part for the flavours. If I’m nearby, I might give them another go but rethink my flavour decisions.

There’s a small seating area in with air-con if you’re worried about the heat at Lau Pa Sat.