Chili crabcakes & mala kaarage are great, but what if I told you that they could be even better? Order a couple of carb dishes off @fattchoyeatinghouse Specials section to savour along with those small bites, and always get the Signature Pork Lard Fried Rice ($12++). This fried rice is surprisingly egg free, and is rice that’s been fried in a wok with an unholy amount of pork lard. The result is a super slick and sufficiently salty rice that’s smoky and studded with enough fried pork lard cubes to give an every nutritionist & dietitian in Singapore a heart attack. Top that off with a flow-y fried egg, and you have the REAL heart attack fried rice. Now, all I need with this Signature Pork Lard Fried Rice is some of that majestic mala sauce that went on the Sichuan dumplings.⠀

Truth be told, I think Fatt Choy Eating House is missing out on big time by not offering smaller add on portions of either the kaarage or pork collar to both fried rices, making them individual meals. I fully understand & embrace the sharing plate concept that Fatt Choy is doing, but sometimes a man needs his own space. You feel me?⠀

Thank you so much for the hospitality, @kevin._.ngan & @fattchoyeatinghouse!⠀