Loud claps. That was how my dad used to wake my brothers and I up every Sunday morning from our slumber, and the whole family would make our way down to Old Airport Road. My brothers and I would find a table and play the silliest games, while the task of ordering was left to my food-loving dad who always knew where all the best food was. The first thing he would do before going on a mad rush to order all our favourites — Lor Mee, Rojak, Wanton Mee, Curry Rice — was to secure two plates of Hokkien mee, which would always be met with the uncle's casual remark "wait 30 minutes". Nonetheless, it was always worth it. I love everything about this Hokkien mee — it has the right amount of bee hoon, it is just a little drier than others, and the bite of the accompanying bright, cut red chillies. As I greedily gobbled down the noodles, definitely more than my "allocated" portion, all I could think of was — loud claps. #hawkerpedia