It was the first time that I tried a duck foie gras. At first glance, this S$26.00 dish looked like two slices of cake that also came with sugar-glazed onions and four pieces of baguette toast. As much as innards might not be my preferred diet, this experience was very satisfying because the foie gras tasted really creamy and gentle after being spread evenly on the baguette. The caramelised onions might be helpful to neutralise the taste a bit, but to be honest it was kind of optional to garnish.

Fret not if you would think that the Homemade Duck Foie Gras Terrine came in huge portions, as it could serve at least two persons, with the baguette available as eat-all-you-want. Just be mindful that you would likely have a main course waiting for you after this.

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