Pretty stoked that there is a new spot for specialty coffee around Ang Mo Kio Central — a rather accessible spot for most given how most other cafes within Ang Mo Kio are well hidden within the neighbourhoods (i.e. AMPM Cafe, The Workbench Bistro etc.). Being a hole-in-the-wall cafe, Brew & Co seems to be a spot catered more towards the takeaway crowds with just a single bench seat in the store itself, and another bench and a two-seater table situated outside. Brew & Co mainly specialises in specialty coffee, so expect the usuals such as Espresso, White, Black & Mocha, as well as specials such as the Dirty Matcha and Orange Espresso alongside other beverages such as tea and chocolate. Pastries available includes croissants, scones, and bagels — just to name a few.

The Raisin Scone comes across as a pretty decent light bite for breakfast, especially after being heated up before being passed to the patron — the scone comes crusty on the outside with plenty of nibs of raisins to chew on; the scone also being sufficiently soft and not particularly dry, served with a pack of Smucker’s Strawberry Sauce that helps to give the scone a bit more moisture and a slight tang. The Orange Espresso is everything that I would have expected — the version here comes with punchy espresso with an earthy body, yet the infusion of orange here gives it a brighter flavour that also gives it a clean finish.

Given the way that Brew & Co is set up, it does work well as a convenient spot for residents around the area to pick up their cuppa before heading to the bus interchange or MRT station to make their commute. Otherwise, it’s a spot that works fine for a leisurely cuppa in the morning especially with the outside seating, which is well-sheltered being within the HDB block itself. With quality cuppa and comforting light bites, Brew & Co is a spot that Ang Mo Kio residents will be glad to have in their neighbourhood, and also somewhere cafe-goers who are into coffee should certainly visit.