One of our favourite go-tos for hotpot and spicy mala meals: @longqingsingapore.
Today we had the Wok Fried Spicy Mala (includes a fixed variety of pork belly, chicken, lotus root, asparagus, potato beancurd skin, frozen tofu, luncheon meat, chinese lettuce, quail egg, potato noodle, king oyster mushrooms), Chilled Vinegar Braised Pigs Ears, Spicy Pork & Cabbage Dumplings. This meal fed 3 persons nicely.
Place your orders 24 hours before actual pickup/delivery. Link in their bio.

$30 - Wok Fried Mala
$10.8 - Braised Pigs Ears
$12 - Pork Dumplings
$10 - Islandwide delivery