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Humongous platter laden with meats like ribeye steak, fried pork belly, chicken tikka, wings and samosas.

I loved the chicken tikka, which was perfectly seasoned and really soft. The ribeye steak was pretty good as well. However, I thought the fried pork belly was too salty for me. I would probably skip that and gorge myself on the tikka.

Since it’s a full platter of meat, it can get a bit jelat. Thankfully, the sauces provided really helped cut through the heaviness of the meat. My personal favorite was the mint yoghurt sauce.

Honestly if I had this platter to share, I wouldn’t have space to eat any more food afterwards. This can easily serve as a main, even if you’re a big eater.

Thanks Taco Mantra for inviting us to taste your food! Thanks Burpple for helping to coordinate everything as well :)