Date visited: 1/7/2018 (Sun, 7:30pm)

There are some parallel parking lots right outside the coffeeshop. But it is not easy to get an empty lot there. It is advisable to park nearby and walk over to the coffeeshop instead.

It doesn’t matter how long the queue. The Hokkien mee is fried in batches. If you happened to join the end of the queue just as the boss is almost done with the mee, congrats! The wait is short.

This must be the best Hokkien mee I have tasted thus far. I’m not sure if it is because of the charcoal used to fry the mee, but that ‘wok-hei!’


I was blown away at my first mouthful! 🤯

That wok hei! I am repeating myself... is really... mind blowing.

At $8, this is not expensive. I did not dig out all the prawns before I took the photograph. There were 4 big, meaty prawns. Not the most expensive top quality type but nevertheless, very good quality, fresh prawns. The squid slices are thick (not the paper thin type) and fresh as well. This is well worth $8.

$8 is just nice for my mom and me. We have very average appetites.

The Kwong Satay there is pretty nice as well. I like their satay/ gravy and ketupat (not the instant, boiled in plastic bags type). Skip the Orh Luak though. Anyway, I digress.

If you like Hainan Fried Hokkien Mee at Beach Rd Army Market; its wok hei and the richness of its mee, then you HAVE got to come here. You will be mind blown 🤯 by this.

I am so coming back again for this.