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Having heard from Sid about this place just below our gym, I decided to try it out. The top-down cubic structure of it really captures my attention. It's like a photogenic piece of food art; a fresh rendition of the local delicacies. I asked the person over the counter bar "If I have to try just one, which one would you recommend?" He suggested the yuzu salmon and teriyaki chicken. But something compelled me to try the salmon first, despite the nicely dressed teriyaki chicken. I am glad I tried this first, since how much a of difference would teriyaki chicken taste in a cube.

The yuzu salmon has a big juicy piece of salmon slab starting from the top, followed by rice with some vegetables and finally beetroot. I have read through Jean's review about the yuzu salmon and I agree with her totally. The salmon with the glazed yuzu is absolutely a mouth-watering combination on its own. The citrus mixed with the salmon oil stimulates you to take another bite, and another bite. At this point I can't make a fair argument that this is indeed the cube to try if you have not tried before, but I would say just go for it if you really like citrus or yuzu to begin with.

Food Anatomy has both dine-in and take-away options, offering to preheat the cubes for you upon order.

At $2.50 per cube it's an affordable piece of art that sometimes longs for you to admire visually but with a heavy heart, you know you have to consume it.