Loss for words was my reaction when asked "how's the Peking duck?" Could only widen my eyes and nod furiously while happily chewing. Have long heard about how good the food here was but never expected it to be this good. I only took a fleeting glance at the shimmering copper and bronze duck before it was whisked away to a corner to be taken apart for our consumption. When it was (finally) placed in front of me, I daintily picked this thin layer of fatless skin up with my chopsticks, packed it together with some shredded spring onions and the accompanying sauce and it's amazing.⁣

The glistening skin was crispy and savoury, with the sweetness from the sauce to balance it off. The meat on the other hand, was debatable. As per the usual SOP, the meat usually appears in subsequent dishes, and in our case, mixed in with my favourite ee fu noodles. Whilst delightful, it didn't strike me as an absolute must have, though in all fairness, no one orders Peking duck for its meat, so, I would still suggest ordering this for the delicious skin. ✨