Old school ambience with modern air-conditioned comforts. The shop is decorated with old photos of when the company first started. Very nostalgic.

The menu is presented in a plastic file. There's a order sheet and pencil inside. You decide on your choices and self order at the cashier. There's also a counter of their usual friend favourites that you can buy and eat together with the dishes.

The bread with curry chicken is a pleasant surprise. It was served with extra curry for dipping the bread or if you want, just to slurp it. The bread reminds me of the 933 curry chicken in a bun. But bread seems 'designed' for the curry. Its soaks up the curry well and is able to hold on to that gravy without melting into a gloopy mess. The chicken is soft and falls away from the bone. This dish is very addictive. You can easily overdose on curry if you are not careful.

The laksa was presented in single portion size. There's this huge laksa leaf as a garnish. The gravy is not too rich, which helps you avoid getting sick of it. The shrimps are probably frozen ones. It's a well balanced dish with no single aspect being outstanding.

The service is prompt and unobtrusive. This will be a good place to hold small team meetings. You can order drinks and some finger food.