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The 1-for-1 deal applies to their 500g moules-frites which comes in 7 different sauces, and guuuuys I have to say this is SO WORTH IT. The portion’s massive. Each pot can easily feed 2 if you’re having other starters or drinks to go with. Though the mussels are smaller than the usual Australian ones, in exchange for size what we get instead are these beautiful orangey-yellow French Bouchot mussels that are bursting with flavour. Absolutely delicious. The Thailandaises here comes with a sauce of chilli, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, white wine and coconut, and was our favourite of the night. I would’ve liked the spices to come across more aggressively (perhaps with some galangal and a squeeze of lime?) and for them to hold back on the salt a little, but as it is this was really easy to eat and lovely to dunk the fries in.