Located in central Naza Tower, BLVD House's stylish looks are outshined by an extensive, tempting menu. To avoid the office crowd, come for dinner with a few friends to share their generous portions. Try Chef Pele's Signature BBQ Lamb Denver Ribs (RM75). Slathered in a delicious mussel ragout, the smoky, caramelised ribs are served with an intriguing masala onion potato mousse atop crispy potato nest. Then, put your dessert stomach to work with the Oozing Ovomaltine Beignets With Vanilla Cinnamon Sugar (RM20). The bite-sized pastries hold a centre of warm ovomaltine sauce (brings you right back to your childhood), and are best eaten with the side of salted caramel gelato. Pro tip: Parking is free at Naza Tower!
Avg Price: RM100