Used entertainer 1-for-1 for main and appetiser. Unfortunately there were some screw ups. We ordered both steaks in medium rare but right before the dish was served (after waiting maybe 10-15 min since last appetiser was served) the server who took our orders told us he changed it to medium (???) then when another server brought the steaks here she said they are medium so back into the kitchen they go and it went in for another 5-10 min minimally. By then we were starving. When it came out my partner’s steaks were more medium rare than mine - mine only had maybe middle three pieces which were a little pink in the middle. Visibly different from my partner’s ones which were a little redder in the middle. And the server said that’s normal despite me showing them that both steaks were different. But cbf anymore and just ate them Cos I don’t wanna wait again.

For $55 before gst, even with entertainer, I really think it’s ok only.