Damn that’s some fine meat right there. After realizing that New Lucky Claypot Rice had a 90 minute waiting time, I bounced outta there in record timing and ended up at the coffeeshop that is home to Ju Kee Charcoal Roasted.

Joy is a bit of an understatement for just how much pleasure eating their roast meats elicits. Their roast duck is astoundingly savory, the meat thoroughly impregnated with the scintillating spices and staying outstandingly juicy. The skin is roasted to a beautiful brownish hue and and is crispy in all the right places.

The char siew was the hotly disputed winner, with its subtle sweetness, sensual smokiness and stellar savoriness. The meat itself was heaven, with the perfect ratio of fat and meat coalescing to provide a joyous pride with every bite. Better yet, it’s sliced slightly thicker than the minimum required for gluttonous gratification, ensuring maximum pleasure with every chomp.

The siew yoke ain’t no slouch either. Much like the char siew, it was smashingly sumptuous, with the moist meat perfectly balanced (as all things should be) by just the right amount of fat. The charmingly crunchy skin was a joy to listen to as it happily crunches away between your jaws.

With these Three Heavenly Kings, there isn’t really much need for a fourth. Pleasure isn’t something one considers when hunting for good food. But this...does put a smile on my face.