Pre-made beef patties might have been a bit of a letdown in my first encounter with HANS IM GLÜCK burgers, but I had a pretty satisfying time somehow.

Their Alsdann (S$17.00) was a beef burger with chunks of grilled pear, mild blue cheese sauce and walnuts, giving the ordinary burgers different flavours and textures. With the choice of a sourdough bun, I was surprised that it was soft to the chew, so that more attention could be given to what was in-between.

On top of the mains, I topped up another S$5.00 and got myself a set that included a side dish (their fries were awesome with those self-serve bottles of sauces on the table), an iced thirst quencher and a hot beverage, making the add-on worth the buck for sure. Definitely a good experience that made this place deserving for a return visit, and hopefully I would reserve a spot that could catch the service crew’s attention a bit easier.