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Dinner tonight 😊😋 super yummy bibimbap and healthy too(?), apparently all their menu bibimbaps are all 500kcal and below, which is hard to believe given that the portion was SO generous!! There were really alot of beef 😹 the beef was juicy and well marinated and tender too!

Each bibimpbap also comes with an assortment of vegetables such as spinach, carrots, onions and beansprouts. I'm not a fan of the thin chinese kind of beansprouts, but they used the gigantic kinds you find often given as a side dish in korea, which tastes so much better than the chinese tau ghey

Comes by default with white rice but i topped up $1 for brown rice. I like their rice, which was moist and fluffy but not mushy

P.S. i like how they gave me my choice of soy garlic sauce on the side in a whole gigantic bottle so that i can control (i.e spam) the amount of sauce that i want 😝