Set comes with:
• Signature chicken pie
• Homemade curry puff
• Homemade raisin scones with clotted cream and marmalade
• Chocolate éclair
• Chocolate pralines
• Green apple & chocolate macarones
• Baked cheese cake
• Coconut tart
• Smoked duck
• Vegetarian sandwich
• Chicken Ham sandwich
• Coffee or tea

I really like how warm, hearty and crisp the pastry skin of the chicken pie and curry puff are. Chicken pie creamy, and meat tender which is a surprise upon cutting into it! 🥧

A good mix of sweet and savoury which is what I prefer when it comes to high tea. A couple of them were a miss but its alright, overall still worth the value. Service was superb and ambience cosy, no time limit is a huge bonus given the time limit at certain places now.