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Earl Grey Lavender Soft Serve w/ Single Waffle
📸: back left
the soft serve is creamy and smooth, with a hint of lavender, waffle is warm, chewy and goes really well with the soft serve, topped with almond crisps & a few small pieces of strawberry

Sea Salt Gula Melaka Soft Serve w/ Single Waffle
📸: front
preferred this over the lavender one, not a big fan of the lavender fragrance. the sea salt gula melaka taste was quite strong and goes really nicely with the caramel sauce. really enjoyed the gula melaka flavour
which didn’t taste artificial / too sweet :)

1 soft serve waffle + drink of choice as a set cost about ~$17 with ++ which was abit overpriced.
the hot chocolate was really good though!
the soft serve melts pretty fast so take the pics fast!!!