Loved the look of the dish, full of the ingredients and you can't see the rice at all, that's how all braised pork rice should be served! And all the deliciousness can be spread through the dish when you start mixing the braised pork with the rice.

Overall it's super tasty, one of the best Taiwanese food in Singapore. For those with bigger appetite, can opt to go for their signature Eat 3 Bowls ($16) where you get to try the braised pork rice, chicken rice and oyster intestine mee sua but each at a slightly smaller portion.
They can be individually ordered as a set as well, but the portion of the braised cabbage is a bit small and not really worth it in my opinion.

Seems like they also have a second outlet at Pasir Panjang which has some extra side dishes, would love to go and try one day!