I don’t think you should order from this cafe.
Ordered the mentaiko pasta and Tom yum pasta. Mentaiko wasn’t hot and was a little al dente resulting in a stomachache. Prawns were completely raw. Was left in disbelief because when I told the restaurant owner (cashier person who seemed in charge) this, they didn’t recook the prawns and left us waiting. When I asked, he said I had told him I didn’t need it recooked. Actual situation: He’d asked if I wanted a new dish and so as not to waste food I said I don’t need a new piece, just cook again. Instead, he simply took our dish away, probably threw it, and didn’t recook it. We were left waiting there and they barely apologised even after the situation had been clarified. Terrible cafe standards. This is my second time here and I was really disappointed because their sous vide bowls are not too bad.