This is a half portion as I shared this with a friend! The pickled cherry blossom financier was soft and moist, but I wasn’t a fan of the milky taste, and would have preferred a stronger almond taste (since financiers are almond-based). The cherry blossom didn’t really add much as it was really small, but had it been more substantial it would have given a nice boost of flavour.

The pistachio & raspberry cookie was kinda in between a crunchy and chewy cookie - it was neither here nor there. I did like the valrhona choc & raspberry on top.

The matcha yuzu madeleines were the nicest out of everything. It wasn’t too crumbly or cakey - I liked the texture! The yuzu gave a pleasant citrus flavour, and the matcha taste was present.

Overall, my friend and I were slightly disappointed by the bakebox as it had received raving reviews, and it fell short of expectations. We appreciate the effort put into making the treats, but we just feel that it’s nothing to shout about.