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When a big group of us visited Morsels for lunch on Sunday, Chef-owner Petrina kindly brought out their newest creation at the end of our meal to let us have a taste.
Meet the “Duck Kut Teh”, which is available from yesterday until the 24th of February. The latest addition to Morsel’s rotating noodle of the week, it is an embodiment of her new direction in focusing on one meat each time.
What you get to enjoy here is soft, silky “mee sua” served in a delicate but flavourful broth made from red and green Sichuan peppercorns plus white pepper. Toppings include the starring meat of the week in two forms - as a whole duck thigh that’s been cooked in the same stock till very tender, and a crispy “cigar” stuffed with fragrant shredded duck meat. You can also find a few pieces of thick and bouncy beancurd skin prepared Sichuan-style in rose wine, vinegar and soya sauce in the bowl as well. As you can probably tell, there’s a wonderful mix of textures to excite the mouth with every bite. On the side is a very appetising dip of “kicap manis”, dark soya sauce, garlic and chilli padi. I loved splashing loads of it over the “mee sua”.
If you are a fan of duck, this would be a most ideal dish for you.