The warmth that exudes from the first bite is like a blanket to your soul, subtly hinting to you that everything will be alright.
Till date, the best Ebi Fry Maki is still at @theflyingsquirrelsg . Right ratios of rice to filling, prawn deep-fried just right and allowed to rest a little before it gets enveloped. The first bite (tail end) produces so many different flavours and texture, the crunch, so comforting the sound as it crackle with every bite; it’s soul food. It’s something I have had since TFS opened all those years ago and I don’t think I will ever stop ordering my soul food. .
@theflyingsquirrelsg is the brainchild of @chiefsquirrel , @hoseejack and @rai.kannu and bangs out quality Japanese and fusion Japanese food in a casual and intimate space at 92, Amoy Street. It’s my go-to for Japanese and when I want to be myself. You’ll fall in love with the place, the food and the hospitality.