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The thing I really love about Gather, is how they offer simple and fuss-free products, choosing to not over-complicate things and, instead, pay the utmost attention to the little details and quality. You see this literally in every corner of their store: from the interior design, dinnerware, the goods they carry; to the personable service, impeccable coffee and food.
Take their Burnt Caramel crêpe: it’s classic combination of sweet and salty, caramel and butter (no fucking nutella thank god), really simple stuff; but what sets them apart is the quality of the produce and flavours. They use a sparing but sufficient knob of Bordier butter (ie the best butter, quoting Google here it’s not just my opinion), and drizzles just the right amount of burnt caramel for that touch of nutty, slightly bitter sweet element. Every ingredient is perfectly balanced and has a role to play in this dish. It’s just, so elegant.