I wanted to use 2 Burpple deals for 4 pax, which is valid under the Rules of Use of the voucher and I showed the male cashier/server. However, he insisted that I could only use 1 deal and said rudely, “my restaurant my rules! Do you still want to pay?‘. I’m astonished by his poor service as he continues to challenge me. A restaurant with such attitude would never go far, and I won’t recommend this place. Food is mediocre too, not sure whether the other reviews are genuine lol

Also to fellow beyond users, you can only redeem the deal only durinh weekday lunch hours.
Not true. I used my burpple both on weekend dinner and weekday dinner, redeeming 2 deals (4 pax) and 1 deal (2 pax) respectively. No problem, both times honoured and owners were friendly