We were checking out dessert places in Bugis and we decided to try Tom's Palette, since the shop had really rave reviews for their creative flavours! We got the medium cup, which allows you to mix two flavours!

Our first flavour was the caramel stout, which I got as I am a big fan of alcoholic ice creams! While the caramel flavour really stood out, we were a little sad that the stout flavour wasn't really present. Perhaps the caramel was a little too sweet and overpowered the slight bitterness of the stout?

Our second flavour was Granny's Favourite, which seems to be a locally-inspired flavour that tastes a lot like Horlicks and Milo! It was really interesting and they really got those flavours right! :) It might be a little heavy and gelat if you fill the entire M cup with this flavour though so we would suggest you mix this with a lighter flavour!

We used the Burpple one-for-one promotion but this meant that we could only order takeaways only! Sadly, the ice cream melted really quickly in the afternoon heat and you can see from the picture that the top layer was almost liquid just a few seconds after we stepped out into the open! It might be better if you use the promotion at night so that you don't end up with rapidly-melting ice cream outside!