Singapore is the first country in Asia to have a “Black Taps” restaurant and it isn’t a franchise either. After paying it a visit for dinner tonight, my conclusion is it’s a brand that does good ol’ American food well and loads that with an extra large helping of fun energy.
The signature here is the range of over-the-top #Crazyshakes priced between $19++ and $22++. Choosing from the eight variants was tough for us as they all sound equally irresistible but the “Cookie Shake” eventually won. It turned out to be fantastic and tasted every bit as rich as it looked. The extremely thick and creamy vanilla-flavoured milkshake itself was absolutely delicious but sucking it via the skinny straw got a little tiring after a while, so we ended up scooping with a long-handled teaspoon.
The food menu is straightforward with beef burgers dominating (the exceedingly tender and juicy patties with 24% fat are built from 75% chuck and 25% brisket) but I did spot a couple of fish and chicken ones too. Priced between $22++ and $26++, each order of burger comes with a big heap of crispy chunkily cut fries (there’s still a bit of skin left on the potatoes), half a large pickle, a tomato and some lettuce. You can opt to upgrade the fries to salad, onion rings, sweet potato fries or any of the sides for just $3++ more. Speaking of which, they offer some very tempting options. There is also a selection of snacks too that are perfect for sharing.
This place has an awesome playlist with funk and old-school rap thrown in. But unless you sit at what I consider the best tables in the house - the ones right in front of the kitchen, I doubt you can actually hear it.