Samyang Fire Carbonara ($16.80) is another new addition to the menu that everyone is so curious to try. Not a waffle like the ones above, but a pasta dish! We had the level 1, 3 & 5 plates served to us, in increasing order of spiciness.

Level 1 was good, & the humji me could probably finish it by myself. Level 3 had better flavours but is also obviously spicier (see the more intense colour of the dish?) - this isn't something I'd be able to finish on my own. Level 5 was something I dared not even go near! The spice really hits you in the face, according to my spicy-loving friends Victoria & Amanda. The common consensus that 3 was better & perhaps 4 (which we didn't try) would be the sweet spot. Try it if you dare....

Thanks Montana Singapore for the hospitality, & Casey for the invite πŸ’•