I haven't had such delicious Teochew kuehs like these in a while as they aren't easily discovered (another one is at Lai Heng Teochew handmade kueh at Yuhua Market and Food Centre)!

While queuing, I realised most people buy them in 10s unlike us who chose one each and sat at the shop to eat. Wanted to try the yam paste but it was sold out. Growing up, I like the pink png kueh (glutinous rice kueh) because of its colour. They have both the pink and white ones here, with exactly same filling. I didn't request for the pink one, and was randomly given the white. I am pretty much turned off by those these days because of the thick kueh skin and minimal fillings, but the one here was pleasantly found to have a thin kueh skin, with fragrant glutinous rice, peanuts, mushrooms, dried shrimps, shallots stuffed. So much childhood memories!

The ku chai (chives) kueh was impressive too. Chewy yet resilient kueh skin, abundantly filled with fragrant chives. You know how generous they are with the fillings when it's just so full of bite and so much chives dropping out with each bite.

Help yourself to the sweet soy sauce provided if you find the kueh skin too bland. The chili sauce was more sweet than spicy.