But I am thrilled to announce, Circuit Breaker or not, there is NO COMPROMISE to the taste of Da Dong Prawn Noodles.
If you order the soup version, they pack their famously concentrated-with-rich-umami-goodness broth separate from everything else. Therefore, if you’re not having it immediately, you can warm up the broth before pouring it on without affecting the al dente-ness of the noodles or overcooking the prawns. We didn’t have to since it‘s only a short drive home.
As for the dry version, it is also epic shiokness once you splash on a tiny amount of the robust soup and give the noodles and savoury housemade sambal a proper toss.
My standard order is the $10 portion with prawn and pork rib and I recommend you just zero in on that. There’s a generous portion of noodles (I go for a mix of yellow mee and thick beehoon) and comes with large prawns that have been peeled and halved lengthwise as well as a few pieces of flavourfully-simmered, tender pork ribs. Sometimes, if I want to take things up a notch, I add on pig’s intestines or liver. They do both very well.

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