Joining the enclave of Korean eateries in Tanjong Pagar is @sikdang.sg, a fun & [email protected], specialising in Korean hotpot.
Featuring Sikdang’s Fried Chicken $18.
Deep-fried chicken thighs with homemade sweet chilli sauce
Perfect dish for beer drinkers.
P2: Grilled Pork Belly $24
Pork belly with spring onion salad
Eaten with wrapped lettuce, sliced raw garlic, cut green chilli, salt & homemade sauce.
Fatty but not cloying.
P3: Cheese Bul Dak $24
Hot and Spicy chicken with cheese.
Adore the cooked harden cheese, taste like pizza.
P4-5: Army Stew $29
Kimchi based with ham, sausage and noodle.
Adore the instant noodle.
P6-7: Super Sik Dak Galbi
Topped with free flow noodles, fish cakes, rice cakes and cheese.
Finish off by add rice, seaweed and spring onion to form a delicious fried rice.
A double whammy carb.
The new ‘supersize’ rendition of the classic traditional Korean meal of Dak Galbi, spicy stir-fried chicken
28 Tanjong Pagar Road
S 088451
Tel: 6226 0818
Opening hours:
Mon-Sat: 5pm-3am
Thank you John @sikdang.sg for the invite & having us
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