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The Japanese phrase will tell you that you have three faces, the first one you show to the world, the second you show to your family, and the last you never show to anyone. The third one is often said to be the 'truest' reflection of who you are. In my case, the third face mirrors that of a simian ape on a cocaine and adrenaline overdose.
A pleasant little joint on the ground floor of The Cathay building, dim lighting and an island-seating concept that is aptly shaped like a scaled-down Noah’s Ark, this time without the animals and with more sashimi.
1️⃣ Wagyu Truffle Beef Don ($23.90) - the staple of practically every mid-scaled donburi joint at the moment, this did not fall below nor exceed expectations
2️⃣ Truffle Cream Salmon ($15.90) - I have a personal bias for the flaky, clean maritime flavours of salmon paired with a cream-based sauce of any kind, so add truffle into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a winner of a donburi
3️⃣ Premium Kaisen Don ($25.90) - it comes in a miniature replica of the scaled-down Noah’s Ark previously mentioned. The entertainment value of that alone is worth half the price
4️⃣ Hotate Mentai ($8) - interesting take on a scallop carpaccio with the addition of cornflakes for a textural contrast
It’s a sushi bar in a boat, that’s gotta be on your bucket list, right?

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