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Dining here is truly a sensory experience. A feast for the eyes and the taste buds. This place is the perfect combination of authentic Japanese food at high quality without exorbitant prices that is such value for money.

Fugu mirin which is actually PUFFER FISH! This can a great beer snack that tastes like BA KWA! Its really awesome!

Sashimi were cut into thick slices which made sure you got a good mouthful of flavour when you bite on it and was almost melt-in-your-mouth quality! So fresh that you could taste the ocean in your mouth!

Chawanmushi, what makes it so delightful is the incredibly silky and rich flavour of the steamed egg with tint of like yuzu taste.

Pidan Tofu, bits of century egg with the smooth tofu that complements each other well.

Mentaiko King Prawns are decadent! Succulent prawns with mentaiko with every bite bursting with flavour.

Sushi were fresh, and the flavours of the seafood stood out well, it’s a bit like having a party in your mouth.

Wagyu beef in cube size cutting, which allow deeper meaty flavours in the wagyu. Chewier, yet still tender.