Geylang Lorong 29 Charcoal Hokkien Mee, famously known for their traditional frying over charcoal fire. Read a number of mixed reviews about fluctuating standards, but I was really glad to have ordered, which made every tummy on the table happy.

Every lobster Fried Hokkien Mee would be wrapped nicely in Opeh leaf, which is from the betel nut tree. For the normal rendition, only portions costing $15 and above would be wrapped. It surely served as an influential visual aid to call it a traditional Hokkien Mee, as the older generation believed that the leaf would impart a subtle woody aroma to the noodles, which my parents believed too.

Expect to slurp up yellow noodles and beehoon drenched in an umami-filled stock, enhanced by the delightful aroma of fried garlic and some flavorsome pork lard. My curiosity was fulfilled the moment I tasted a distinct smokey wok hei, different from the usual hokkien mees, and parents-verified. It had to be from the charcoal fire. This flavour bomb was also embellished with generous fresh seafood like prawns and squids, but of course the star had to be the sweet lobster.

Not the most mind-blowing part yet, until the sambal chili touches your taste buds. Fragrant is an understatement. Elevating the dish with a whole new complexity without being overly spicy, but a stimulating umami explosion again. Think hae bee hiam-filled sambal chili. Uncle asked if I liked, of course I do! Swept the entire bowl clean even without noodles.

Islandwide delivery without minimum order at a fixed delivery cost of $10, going entirely to drivers. Uncle mentioned that he doesn’t know how to use Instagram, so do check out their fb page. Prompt responses received through WhatsApp ordering. Pre-order 1 day in advance required.

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