It consists of sourdough bread, bacon, potato croquette, mushrooms, sausage and an egg of your choice (scrambled, sunny side, poached). Portion of food was big and very delicious! All parts of the breakfast was well made and will definitely visit again! Although it was a little hard to find the place, but the ambience there was good!

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Impromptu decision to head to La Ristrettos cafe today!
It has been almost 5 years since my last visit to La Ristrettos!
A good hidden place for coffee and brunch and even, chai.
Chai Latte with h0ney ~ $6
Big Breakfast
Have a g00d lunch bef0re é eat less 0f usual steamb0at/teppanyaki reuni0n dinner laters!
Breakfast Bruschetta, French Toast, Crab Cake
A gem found in the most unexpected places.
Great Meal At A Great Price
Novena’s well-kept secret
Grande Breakfast ($13.90), French Toast ($12.90) & Iced Mocha ($6.90)
Been one of our favourite places for weekend brunch.