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Emphasis & priority should be placed on those who use real Durian Flesh instead of flavourings.
And this does suppress the cravings temporarily, of course none can ever replace the real deal, especially when it comes with the King of the Fruit. 🤤

ACAMASTIPS & GTK💮: While the Menu 'Recommends' getting the Durian Shaved Ice (榴莲剉冰) (💵S$8.50) & many people will no doubt order it. But choose the Durian Snow Ice instead. .
As the Durian Shaved Ice uses normal ice as the base of the dessert compared to Durian Snow Ice where the Ice is flavoured with Durian. So one will be getting more durian satisfaction, you get the stamp of confirmation when even the staff recommends that over the former. 🖖🏻