A catchy name with a catchy combination. It's a combination of Bockwurst Sausage (smoked pork sausage, soft but have crunchy texture), 4 slices of boiled egg, a (pinch of) bacon, big toasted bun (there's an option that you can choose), and mentai sauce on top of it. Yes! Mentai! I don't know why but it feels weird for me when I read the menu that they combine mentai and pork sausage (but it's good anyway).

The taste is sweet but you can taste a bit of savoury at the same time. You can start to taste the mentai and egg after the second/third bite and taste a (pinch of) bacon at the end of your hotdog. You may want to prepare tissue for this cause the mentai and egg and the big bun will jump all over your mouth when you try to eat them all in one bite

Streaky hotdogs allow you to choose your own sausage, your own bun, and you can have it with a set! There are three option for the sets. Any hotdog + fries/chili fries/ chili cheese fries + bottomless drink (carbonated drink or heaven on earth), price will be different for every hotdog that you choose, but for Humpty Dumpty with fries is 21.90!

Nearest public transport is Sri Petaling LRT, then you can take taxi after that for around 7-10 rm (I know, it's not that really reachable, but you may want to give it a try)