I am really darn happy @kazusumiyakirestaurant is continuing with their takeaway in Phase 2 because ever since @kenloon introduced it to me, a re-order has been inevitable as my family enjoyed this a lot the first time.
So what can you find in Kazu Sumiyaki’s “Yaki Chirashi”? Well, the question should be what CAN’T you find! 😆 Because apart from the beak and feathers, I’m pretty sure the whole chicken has made its way in there. Ok, that may be an exaggeration 🙃.
But do let me share with you what I’ve personally found and gobbled up from that vast terrain of charcoal-grilled ingredients spread on a base of tastily-seasoned rice. There’s plenty of tender boneless chicken meat, springy gizzard, creamy liver, crunchy cartilage, flavourful chicken meatballs, quail’s eggs, julienned strips of omelette, mushroom, baby corn, sweet corn, tomatoes, lady’s finger, asparagus, shishito (Japanese green chilli) and tiny pieces of gleaming preserved lemon. All twirled together in a perfume of intoxicating smokiness. Every mouthful is a surprise because you never know what exactly is in there. And that’s part of the charm. By the way, this platter is a steal at $50 since it can feed 3 to 4 pax.

Do note that as @kazusumiyakirestaurant has started dine-in for dinner, takeaway orders have to be collected between 4.30pm and 6pm now. To place one, please WhatsApp:

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