✨Bosco d’Inverno Pizza✨
I was actually really excited to try this wood fired pizza, especially since we sat next to the oven overlooking the whole process! Sadly, the pizza was not mind-blowingly special like the pasta, but it was still better than average. I was also a little disappointed when the truffle taste was quite faint, even though it was supposed to be the main ingredient of the pizza. The pizza crust is more chewy and fluffy, instead of hard and crispy. You can taste the burnt charcoal flavour from the crust, but besides that, there was not much fragrance to it. The cheese and mushrooms were the ones that stood out to me. It made this pizza really creamy and slightly sweet. Although this is not the best pizza I’ve tried, it’s still pretty decent, but I would prefer to order the pasta instead.

💰: $31
📈: 7/10

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