@the.humblescoop is a little hole-in-the-wall scoop shop in the dungeons of Katong Shopping Centre.

They specialize in local nostalgic flavours such as pulut hitam (which is apparently really good) and in-kueh-dible (their take on cendol ice cream).

Having enjoyed their huat-lah ice cream (a strange yet delightful concoction of lime, pineapple and chilli) previously, I was kinda excited to try more of what they had to offer.

Their waffles were decent --- a little too bread like for my liking and I wasn't a fan of their earl grey milk tea ice cream. It kinda sucks because most scoop shops don't allow you try their flavours these days so you never know what you will get. That said, maybe I should checkout their sugarcane with lemon ice cream next time...