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3 layers of cheesecake icecream, 2 crunches - crunchy muesli and cornflakes duo biscuit, 2 fruits - strawberry and mango & 1 black chocolate sauce • $7.95 [topped up $1 for the cheesecake icecream]

Was surprised that yolé, after replacing llaollao, came up with so many different yogurt flavours and even icecream now!! This is not my first time trying yolé products, my first try was the strawberry froyo and that hit the mark for me. The cheesecake icecream had a mild cheese taste, which wasn’t too heavy on the palate and had a smooth and creamy texture. The only problem i had was that the icecream melted fast than usual, same goes for their froyo as well, they really need to improve on that. Had to eat the icecream quickly sadly, couldn’t take the time to savour it slowly or else it’ll just be a puddle of cheesecake icecream. When i ate it together with the black chocolate sauce i didn’t really taste the cheesecake much as it overpowers the taste so i don’t really recommend the sauce. However, i absolutely love the crunchy muesli though, it went pretty well with it.

Overall, it was a great dessert still, and very filling as well. Do try it out if you pass by, cause this cheesecake flavour is limited edition, don’t miss it !!

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