Ouf, if this picture doesn’t make you salivate you ain’t a real Coconut Club fan. I mean, look at the crispy, oily skin on the chicken and the egg yolk. Simply beautiful.

It might seem silly to pay ~$17 for a plate of Nasi Lemak but it’s one of those, take my money, kind of feelings. This dish is done so well, they are generous with their portions - look at that chicken! And it comes with all the fixings; fried egg, ikan bilis, peanuts, cucumber, and sambal. I like how juicy the chicken is, even the breast meat version of this dish isn’t dry, and it goes really well with their sambal.

We do like to order side dishes as well when we come and on this occasion we got the following: sambal sotong, otah, and fried long beans. Everything was delicious but definitely spicy so be warned. But a good kind of spice where you want to eat more.

I always leave feeling satisfied and full and the service is quick and friendly.