You would, by now, have probably heard of this instagrammable space by Merci Marcel along Telok Ayer street for its specialisation in French crepes. Galettes, made with buckwheat flour, are the savoury ones, while crepes made with wheat flour, are the sweet siblings.

Don’t judge a crepe by its appearance; it might look manageable for one, but it is highly recommended to be shared for 2 reasons. One, so that you can try more flavours. And two, some of the galettes got too jelak even for us as a group towards the end.

No. 4, galette with a Chiffonade of ham, organic egg sunny side up, over sautéed mushrooms, Comté cheese. While the galette itself was delicious with some crispy edges, the group felt that the sautéed mushrooms were way too earthy, hence overpowering and overshadowed the other ingredients that were present.

No. 9, galette with Reblochon cheese, organic Bayonne ham, baby potatoes, pancetta, white wine pickled onions. This was more enjoyable in our opinion as the overall flavour was quite balanced. Subtle flavours from the Reblochon cheese complemented the sliced ham and slightly sweet pickled onions. I also enjoyed the soft baby potatoes.