Rating: 🌟🌟

Price: SGD 2~3

Not the most fantastic Mee Rebus I had. The best I had was many years back at Bugis Junction Foodcourt (the one at the basement level) which has now moved to the 3rd level. Sadly, the stall that sold Mee Rebus has since ceased operations. Therefore, my Mee Rebus cravings can never be satisfied.

I was excited to find Food King's review on Hani Food Stall. And even more so when Deekosh mentioned that the Mee Rebus was 'Robust'! Thought I gave it a try and I did. As I have said earlier, it was not the most fantastic but they are very affordable. So if you are on budget and craving for some Mee Rebus, this plate is decent.