Luckily my diet starts next week 😍😍:
BBQ Pulled Chicken 🍔 - AWESOME!!! Serious sia. Not once did I dip into curry sauce or garlic chilli and it was perfectly on point👌🏻 This is legit the best gourmet fast food burger in like forever. If we talking sloppy greasy ones,... I miss samurai •

Cheesy Overloaded Fries 🧀 🍟 - Improved!! Haha they are a lot more generous with the crispy bacon 🥓 and cheese sauce. Only need top up 80c for this of course must eat!!

Latte ☕️ - top up 25c only pls and I so did not expect the latte art (last time no have leh) well done @mcdsg you level-ed up in 2018!!
#noregrets #burpple

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